7 Must-Read Books for Every Entrepreneur’s Success Journey

Embarking on the path of entrepreneurship blends exhilarating opportunities with daunting challenges. To navigate this dynamic journey with acumen and strategy, there are certain books that offer invaluable insights into the world of business and innovation. Whether you’re just starting out or seeking to refine your skill set, these seven books are essential reads that […]

Bookkeeping Tips to Know From Day 1

You’re up and running, making sales (and/or making expenses) and you want to be sure that your bookkeeping is tip top, or at very least won’t come back to bite you later. Besides working with a professional accountant, to avoid any mistakes along the way, here are five essential tips for things you should start […]

Statutory Sick Pay Rebate – make your claim by 24th March 2022

The Statutory Sick Pay Rebate scheme offers employers an opportunity to reclaim sick pay paid to employees between 21st December 2021 and 17th March 2022 if their employees were off sick due to COVID. To be eligible you must: employ fewer than 250 people, have paid PAYE before 30th November 2021, employ the individual as […]

A Starters Guide to Launching an Enterprise

You have established your idea, incorporated your business and started developing your products / services but you wonder what your next steps are. The next stage is launching your idea. Depending on the type of idea there may be a specific launch criteria. If you would like to know more about the specifics, let us […]

Is this still a “man’s world”?

Klaudia of Enterprise Starter talks to women entrepreneurs about the changes and challenges of gender equality in the business world. We all know the cliché about the world being a “man’s world” – is it the same for the entrepreneurial world? There is no denying that men seemed to dominate the business world for centuries […]

Business of Dating Apps

Valentine’s Day Special It may be hard for some to remember and for some it may be hard to even imagine that there was once a time, when going on a date with a stranger you met online was a strange concept.  Nowadays, no matter whether you’re looking for Mr/Miss Right or Mr/Miss Right Now, […]

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Is Now the Time to Start your Enterprise?

There is no question that the COVID-19 outbreak that began in early 2020, and has been with us since, has left people, industries and the economy reeling. The globe has been facing an unprecedented scale of economic uncertainty, and jobs have been cut and career plans have been knocked off course.  Although it may seem counterintuitive […]

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Restarting after lockdown

A message from Ash, Founder  [THIS BLOG IS NOT RELEVANT OR CURRENT TO UK RESTRICTIONS] Fellow Entrepreneurs, As we prepare to return ourselves and our teams to our workplaces this month.We aim to open, first for our existing entrepreneurs, in August. For new entrepreneurs please make an appointment before visiting. We hope to return to […]