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What's included?

Accelerate your idea, establish your business and start operating in under  30 days.

Becoming an Enterprise Starter member means The Entrepreneurial Team becomes an extension to your team. We will support you every step of the way from establishing to launching and growing your new business. Below you will find all the benefits of becoming an Enterprise Starter.


Make your idea official

We have streamlined the process of establishing a business to be as effortless as possible. The Entrepreneurial Team will guide you through the process and form your new business in a couple of clicks and scribbles.

Lean Business Plan

Create a solid foundation by strengthening your idea using lean techniques and principles. Fully get to grips with the purpose, scope and scale of your business.

Business Name Diagnostic

Deep dive into creating a business name that is available across all mediums, is not trademarked, similar to any competitors and doesn’t create offensive perceptions.

Company Formation & Bank Account

Make it official. We have partnered with Tide to create a seamless experience in forming your company and opening a business account absolutely free, and with £100 cashback.


Develop your idea further

Once the business is established, The Entrepreneurial Team will support you in preparing for launch and ensure your idea is a success.

Technical Infrastructure

The Tech & Admin Team makes sure all the necessary software and services is integrated with your business and streamlined to your needs.

Brand Creation

The Entrepreneurial Team performs extensive research into your idea and will create a powerful brand guide based on consultations with you.

Website Development

The Web & App Development Team will support you in creating a fully customised website, built from the ground up and exactly how you want it.


Sell your idea

Take your business to the next level and grow your business. The Entrepreneurial Team will support in reviewing and improving your business strategy, creating a marketing campaign to support you with driving sales and increasing profit.

Marketing campaign

The Marketing & Analysis Team will support you with the creation of content across social media, campaign strategies to boost market awareness and working on advertising for your brand.

Investment & Funding support

The Investment & Funding Team will evaluating potential funding strategies and work with you to make your business as appealing to potential investors as possible.

Strategy implementation

The Strategy & Operations Team will support you in optimising your business plan, strategies; reviewing your business performance to ensure your business continues to grow.

Ongoing Support

Your Entrepreneurial Team

While your membership is active with us we will ensure your business is running smoothly and efficiently so you can focus on the important things.

Regular Consults with Your Fully Qualified Accountant

Supporting you with your Xero Subscription (included) you will meet regularly with your appointed fully qualified accountant who will guide you through all you need to know about your accounts and financial management of your business.

Lean Business Planning support

Meet regularly with our Strategy and Operations team to make the most of your business planning, to amend your plans to suit changing market conditions and to make the most of opportunties and to also reduce the risks that may be thrown your way.

Social Media Management & Analytics

Our Marketing & Analysis team will work closely with you to ensure that you are generating the right content for your social media platforms and connecting and integrating results directly into your workflows so that full analysis of performance can be achieved.

Tech & Admin Support

We’re at the end of the phone or email for any technical issues you may be facing, helping you set up your hardware and software so that it works optimally for you. To support your administrative needs we have a full range of additional support available such as telephone answering and email composing.

Website Maintenance and Developer Support

Our dedicated Web & App Development team are on hand to help you make the most of your website. Ignition Engine, your website management system has everything you need with an inbuilt support system that goes directly to the builders of Ignition Engine.

Legal & Compliance Support

Be absolutely sure that you are operating without risk of legal hiccups and holdups. Our Legal team are ready to provide you with all the legal documentation, contracts, agreements and guidance to provide you with peace of mind that you are fully compliant and operating within the law.

Website Domain Renewal and Hosting

Included in your membership are the annual renewals of your domain name and hosting accounts. We host your website on state of the art servers for fast connections and responsiveness.

Software Subscriptions

We have negotiated with several software providers to give you a package of tools that will support your enterprise to grow and thrive. See below for full details.

How it works


Sign up and schedule your first meeting. We will require you to provide a Direct Debit Mandate and after your first meeting we will need your identity documentation. After the inital meeting we will provide you with a full plan for the next 30 days outlining what you can expect for us to do for you. Once you agree we will then charge the intial set-up fee and then begin working on your business setup.

Within 30 days

You will have a fully fledged legal business that is ready to start trading. Your website will be built to incorporate the beginnings of your offer and be fully ready for you to begin generating income. Your social media profiles will be ready for you to start posting and marketing your business.

Beyond 30 days

You will have met The Entrepreneurial Team and will be fully versed with how to engage with us for full support across our 7 Key Areas of Support. With your regular contact with our team, together we will work on growing your enterprise and driving interest, sales and funding to your enterprise.

Why us?

Straightforward support, guidance and service


We are continuously developing creative, future-proof, and easy-to-use processes that integrate with our seven key areas.


Our unique approach connects all of our 7 Key Areas, ensuring close communication and efficiency.


Our friendly team offer approachable and caring guidance from the inception of your idea, to becoming a successful and thriving entrepreneur.

Integrated Partners

Establish your businesswith support from leading providers

We have partnered with the industry leading providers to offer you exclusive perks and benefits that streamline the process in establishing, launching and growing your business.

Google Workspace

Power your business with Google Workspace, Google Drive and a business Gmail -

Our membership includes up to 3 seats of Google Workspace Business Starter and unlimited email addresses.

Ignition Engine

Ignition Engine is a powerful content and data system platform enabling you to streamline your operations, integrate your business and build applications effortlessly. It is also your website management system.

Our membership includes free access to the Enterprise Starter Plan.


Miro is a collaborative whiteboard, facilitating brainstorming, product development, framework creation and flow diagram creation with ease.

Our membership includes $1000 in credit towards a Miro Team Plan.


Notion is your all in one productivity, collaboration and work hub with the ability to create notes, databases and tasks.

Our membership includes $1000 in credit towards a Team or Enterprise Notion Plan.


Tide is a UK business bank enabling small and medium sized enterprises to set up a business account and get instant access to various financial services.

Our membership includes free company formation and bank account with £100 cashback.


The leading cloud accounting software. As Silver Partners with Xero we provide our members with top level support and guidance.

Our membership includes a the subscription fee and regular consults with your appointed accountant.