Simplifying Enterprise

At Enterprise Starter we simplify the process of establishing, launching, and growing an enterprise by designing innovative, integrated digital tools that streamline startup and growth processes.

The Entrepreneurial Team are on hand to support our members across seven key areas that equip and empower them to confidently lead in their businesses.

We maintain the highest standards by employing the best:


We hire experts in their fields who are team players, friendly, dedicated and enthusiastic, with a flare for entrepreneurship and keen to share their knowledge and experience with their teammates and our entrepreneurs.


We are continuously developing future-proof, easy-to-use software and apps that directly integrate with our business processes and those of our entrepreneurs, investors and community stakeholders.


Our internal processes and procedures are fine tuned and constantly monitored to provide not only the best support levels but also the best protections for our entrepreneurs. All communications are strictly confidential.


We forge partnerships with key suppliers to startups and growth businesses to gain better pricing, streamlined production or deployment and to create greater value in the support we offer our members.

Direct support for entrepreneurs throughout all stages of enterprise development


From Idea to Inception

Our streamlined process in starting a business equips entrepreneurs with all the tools necessary to start trading. This includes the full support of our legal and financial teams to ensure full compliance and awareness of the facts and their obligations.


Build Your Foundation and Become an Income Generator

Our member entrepreneurs work closely with our development, production and marketing teams to make their Minimal Viable Product a success and to lay the foundations for continuous improvement and growth.


Take Your Business to the Next Level

Review the business performance with the support of our strategy team, target marketing and iterate and improve on the launch successes. Analyse what doesn't work and find out why.

7 Key Areas of Enterprise Support

Our specialist areas, tailored to around your enterprise

Strategy & Operations

Set the foundations

We work with entrepreneurs to design a lean strategy and agile approach for their business through decades of experience in the field. The strategies are implemented in different key areas for long term and day-to-day operations.

Business Plan Creation & Updating

Business, Marketing and Sales Strategy

Operation Plan Development

Tech & Admin

Integrate your systems

We apply effective and modern technology to businesses for their systems to be streamlined and coordinated. We train our entrepreneurs in using softwares to ensure their business’ long-term growth.

Google Workspace Setup and Management

Tech Setup and Maintenance

Support and Enquiry Management

Accounts & Financial Control

Manage your Finances

We support our entrepreneurs with setting up and understanding their accounts and finances. We equip them with the tools and knowledge required for quick and clear financial management through regular check ins and guidance, as well as provide full support with filing obligations and safeguarding their business from HMRC penalties.


Tax calculation and filing

Quarterly reports and feedback

Investment & Funding

Find new opportunities

We perform funding diagnostics to provide you with unique insights for your business and potential funding strategies. We help you develop an appealing business investors can trust, giving you the confidence to reach out to them.

Writing bids & applications

Pitch development

Finding funding opportunities

Web & App Development

Create custom solutions

Our talented coders work with you to design and develop a custom website and store which captures the unique mission of your business and attracts customers and investors. We work behind the scenes to support you in making the website look great, work fast, and perform well.

UX / UI Design

Client-side and Server-side development

Database management

Marketing & Analysis

Maximise brand experience

We create eye-catching, high quality marketing methods based on user behaviour and research. We design digital and social media content that curates the best possible experience for your customers.

Brand Development

Content Creation

Social Media Management

Become an Enterprise Starter

Join Enterprise Starter and immediately benefit from The Entrepreneurial Team with over £3000 worth of software to support you in establishing your business and accelerating your ideas.

Designed for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

Integrated system

Covering 7 key areas

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Why us?

Straightforward support, guidance and service


We are continuously developing creative, future-proof, and easy-to-use processes that integrate with our seven key areas.


Our unique approach connects all of our seven key areas, ensuring close communication and efficiency.


Our friendly team offer approachable and caring guidance from the inception of your idea, to becoming a successful and thriving enterprise.