Enterprise Starter was founded in 2016 by tech entrepreneur, Ash Youssef. His vision is to for Enterprise Starter to be place that entrepreneurs can visit, phone, refer to, engage with for support in the key areas concerning their startup and growth enterprises.

Our growth is testament to our offer - straightforward advice, support and service.

On March 1st 2020 we signed for a larger unit at the Business Design Centre and had planned to open our incubation centre in June. Alas that was not to be but we're back on track and will be opening very soon. It's difficult to give an exact date, but we're looking at when the Government lift restrictions, the earliest.

At Enterprise Starter we simplify the process of establishing, launching and growing an enterprise.

As a non-profit, our goal is to empower the community and focus on advancing the entrepreneur by designing impactful, innovative, and integrated support.

We do this by designing and delivering innovative integrated support for entrepreneurs and their teams.

As a non-profit, we create and contribute to sustainable social projects that provide tangible value to the community.

We use enterprise itself as the mechanism that both funds and supports those we enable and encourage.

Our Community
Our Community


Since the founding of Enterprise Starter, our purpose is to make “enterprise” more accessible to people, particularly those less able, due to socioeconomic reasons. We inspire entrepreneurs, support removing hurdles and enable ease of access for anyone wishing to start their entrepreneurial journey, thus contributing to the wider community.


To support and advance entrepreneurs to accomplish their ambitions by empowering and encouraging them to take those first steps in starting and then building on the foundation they have created by utilising our entrepreneurial team for support and expertise, to grow their enterprise.


We want to build a community where entrepreneurs thrive, and ideas come to life.

Our Values

Our values are the foundation for establishing, launching and growing an enterprise. They enable our entrepreneurs to have greater freedom on their enterprise journey, and their lives

We uphold the highest standards and processes for all of our work. By following best practice we strive for excellence in our relationships and reliability.

"The quality of being coherent, clear and intelligible"


We encourage and empower the entrepreneur to thrive and grow with no limits. By removing hurdles we enable the ease of access for anyone to start their journey.

"Empowering you to thrive and rise"


An important part of an enterprise journey is the entrepreneur's integrity. Integrity is integral for any enterprise to succeed. We always choose what's right and not what's convenient.

"Being consistent, honest and trustworthy"


Mental fortitude is necessary for growth. We help and develop our entrepreneurs mental fortitude to build confidence and the foundation for success.

"Focus and execute in uncertainty or adversity"